All massages are personalised for your needs and goals.

At every visit, I take the time, with you, to establish your goals and set a plan of action. 

All appointments include an interview and, if needed, an orthopaedic assessment. Also, every appointment is completed with home care recommendations to prolong the effects of the massage.

Receipts are available for insurance purposes.


30 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes

3x60 minutes package

3x90 minutes package






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60 min: 85$   |  90 min: 125$

Designed to address specific issues. Therapeutic massage will target the areas you want to work on, whether it is for pain relief or to gain some mobility function. Many different techniques are applied in order to get the desired results. 


60 min: 85$  

Sports massage is generally performed in a manner to get specific results while keeping in mind what is coming up in the calendar. We look at your training, competition and recovery plan and decide what can be addressed to achieve better performance. Sports massage sometimes involves more active techniques and stretching. 


60 min: 85$   |  90 min: 125$


We all know that we live stressful lives. Sometimes it is difficult to identify what we can do about it. Relaxation massage offers a time out, a respite in your day. It allows you to take some time for yourself and disconnect from the outside world. It also promotes better sleep quality.


30 min: 50$   |  60 min: 85$

What an amazing time in a woman's life!

During pregnancy, it feels good to take time for yourself. Massage can help reduce some discomforts you may be experiencing, 

After pregnancy, you may need to take a moment to get pampered and relax in a quiet environment. 

This massage takes into consideration that your body is changing. I will use  specialised positioning and techniques to ensure maximum comfort.

Keep in mind that massage length is modified and longer massages over stimulates the body. Lengths will vary from 30 to 60 minutes and will be discussed at booking. 

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